IKEA is the world's largest furniture retailer with more than 301 stores, 30 franchised units and 150,000 employees. IKEA want to attract diverse, down-to-earth, straightforward people with a passion for home furnishing to apply for available roles across all departments within all of the UK stores.

Careers website redesign


Experience design


UX/UI/ Research


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The existing experience of searching for a role at one of the 27 UK IKEA stores has caused some frustration amongst candidates, resulting in a lack of online applicants.

Currently, in order to search for relevant roles at IKEA, it was proven through tests that a typical jobseeker would type 'jobs at ikea'/ 'working for ikea' similar into a search engine and would usually land on the 'work with us' page located on www.ikea.com.

Once landing on this page, the jobseeker would scroll through the content to get to the bottom and find the 'search available jobs' button, which directs them to www.ikeacareers.co.uk.

The jobseeker would then use www.ikeacareers.co.uk to do their research on working for ikea & find a role they would like to apply for. Once they find a role they're interested in, they'd click the relevant 'click here' link (shown in screengrab below) and will be redirected to www.ikea.com to repeat the search for the job they had already found on www.ikeacareers.co.uk.

Current homepage on www.ikeacareers.co.uk
Old ui
Listed work areas leading to search
old search

The current unfriendly journey is not ideal for candidates and causes issues with the HR and Recruitment teams at IKEA when they have to take their recruitment efforts offline. My role on this project was to create a smooth and simple interface that enables jobseekers to search for roles at any UK IKEA store and submit an online application. I was the sole designer on an Agile team comprised of 3 developers and an account manager. I was responsible for determining the overall design direction of the project, while collaborating with the rest of the team on ideation.


The process for this project included:

  • Research - User pain points & Competitive audit.
  • Ideation - Feature narrative, Design principles & Journey map UX flow.
  • Design - Wireframes & Interactive prototypes.
  • Feedback - Stakeholder reviews, testing & critiques.
  • Iterations and handoff - Iterations, copywriting.
Pain points:

The following are the core problems this project aims to solve:

"Repeating my job search multiple times is time consuming & frustrating" - Jobseekers are excited about the job they've read about at IKEA, but, they don't reach the application process as they're taken to another website to repeat their search. They're probably wondering if the online application experience is this bad, what's the onboarding experience like?

"I can't find what I'm looking for!" - IKEA should provide an intuative online application experience that guides jobseekers through to submitting an applciation, ensuring the journey is clear.

A seamless experience currently doesn't exist - It can be annoying to be redirected to and from different websites, so having the ability to search and apply for roles in one place would be the ideal scenario.

Attracting good quality candidates - The HR & recruitment teams want to make sure that candidates can find the relevant information about a role online and have the ability to submit an application.
IKEA's vision statement
Vision statement

As discussed with the Stakeholders of this project - the hidden links, the repeated search and being redirected to different sites are the main areas of focus for the redesign.

In terms of look and feel of the UI, IKEA were clear about how they wanted to portray their brand - with a cleaner approach using blue and yellow as highlight colours. They also shared their updated guidelines that documents all fonts, colours and imagery that they use. They also outlined their culture and values i.e "To create a better everyday life for the many people". They also wanted to surface co-worker stories on their experience of working at IKEA, and also highlight the illustrations that represent different work areas such as Human resources, sales & customer relations.

Oportunities in a broad range of fields:
opportunities in a broad range of fields
opportunities in a broad range of fields
In order to improve usability and aesthetics to not only attract candidates to the site, but also allow them to get to the content they want effortlessly, my main focus was to de-clutter the interface and improve the customer journey with a consise flow, which begins with search.

Redesign: Search

A predictive search accessible from the homepage on www.ikeacareers.co.uk. that suggests relevant roles as the user begins to type, would enable quick access to results in one place, rather than being redirected to another site. As prototyped and shown in the screengrab below, the search would overlay the top half of the page, and would feature a recently posted job if this was the users first known visit to the site, which would otherwise use collected data on this user to show jobs that may be of interest to them based on past searches or which field they have previously read up on.

After reviewing my initial thoughts with the client, I continued to create mobile & desktop mockups and builed a prototype to demo the scenario of a jobseeker searching for a role and making an application. Screenshots of the final designs are below.

New UI & flow